Welcome to your web space at Magic Moments

Dear Customer,
Welcome to Magic Moments.

We promise to give the best service you can find and at the most reasonable cost. As such, we welcome comments and suggestions from our clients concerning any aspect of our service.
Please feel free to email support@magic-moments.com or ask for customer services on +44 (0)20 7625 2700.

Magic Moments also provides you with benefits and software for PC and Mac platforms to help you start setting up your web site and receiving your email. From our FTP servers you are able to download FTP software, email software, compression software, HTML editors and other utilities to help you set up your web site.
To access them, please go to http://backoffice.magic-moments.com/utilities/.

At Magic Moments we offer a various range of services to complement your hosting solutions, such as:
    •    Virtual email autoresponders - allowing you to set up specified text messages to be sent out automatically in response
to any email destined for any email address on our system
    •    Database facilities - including Delphi/FoxPro, Access, MS-SQL, MySQL and Filemaker web hosting
    •    Shopping cart environments - including Shop@ssistant, COWS and Evolve2000
    •    Online payment solutions - including WorldPay and NetBanx
    •    Mailing list services
At Magic Moments we are constantly evaluating new utilities and complementary services to offer to both new and existing customers. If you have any suggestions let us know at suggestions@magic-moments.com.

We would also like to take this time to remind you that by using Magic Moments' facilities and services you are bound
by our support@magic-moments.com